“Welcome To SilentByte”

August 31, 2019   /   ~1 minute read

Welcome to SilentByte! This blog is intended to be a place for me to post my thoughts on certain topics and discuss some of the projects I’ve been working on that may be of interest to others. There’ll also be code. I love code.

So, what do we start with?

I’ve been working on a ton of different projects over the past decade or so, so it looks like I’ll have lots of catching up to do. I’ll probably start with some of my more recent projects and occasionally backtrack to some of my earlier journeys through the world of computer science and programming.

I’d describe myself as a passionate experimenter — someone who loves to deep-dive into new stuff to satisfy personal curiosity, or just for the sake of doing things because they can be done (and probably shouldn’t). Unfortunately, I’ve made the mistake of keeping the insight and fun from those projects to myself. Mostly because I didn’t think anyone else would be interested. I’d like to change that. I’ve realized that what I’m up to might be useful or interesting to other people, and there’s no point in having what I’ve been working on rotting away into obscurity. In the worst case, this site will serve as a project archive for myself, giving me the chance to reflect on what I’ve been doing in the past.

…so, see you soon! Laugh